Frequently Asked Questions

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: In an attempt to keep the SWAG Rogues Gallery consistent for viewers, in order to get flagged as a Portrait, the submitted image must meet a few basic criteria.

  • The content must be restricted to a portrait in the traditional sense, meaning a bust of the character -- shoulders and up. Full body shots will not qualify as a portrait. Waist and up shots will also not qualify.
  • While there are no restrictions to the medium that you use to create the portrait, low-contrast images will not likely meet the criteria. One of the most important aspects for the Rogues Gallery is to allow people to print out the portrait and stick it with their character sheet. As a result, a printer-friendly medium is a must. Pencils are one of the harder mediums in which to accomplish this -- certainly not all pencil/graphite images are excluded, but low-contrast, lighter-weight sketches will not make it.
  • Next, the height and width of the image should rougly be a 2 to 3 ratio. In other words, a 6 cm wide image would need to be about 9 cm tall. The final size is not important (within the normal restrictions), just that the ratio is roughly about what you'd expect from a portrait shot with a camera.
  • Lastly, your image will have a black border approximately 5 pixels wide added to it, so that when printed it has a solid look on a character sheet. You may choose to add your own type of styled border, but this tiny black outline will be added either way.

Short Answer: no

Long Answer: As stated in the Copyright and Legal Information, you may not use any of the material on this site -- except for personal use -- without specific permission. That means that you may not use them on your website in most circumstances. If you contact the artist privately and they give you written permission to use the images, then you may do so. Basically, it comes down to common sense: if it's not yours, don't use it unless you know for sure that you're allowed to do so.

Yes, multiple artists can certainly collaborate on a piece that will be submitted to SWAG. However, we do have some rules regarding where a collaborative piece will get displayed. Generally, these fall into two categories:

All Artists are Guild Members: If all of the artists working on a piece are Guild Members, then the piece will be displayed in one of the collaborators' gallery. It is up to the artists working on the piece to decide into whose gallery the piece will go. Credit for all participants should, of course, be given in the description.

At Least Some of the Artists are Non-Guild Members: If one or more (or all) of the artists working on a piece are not Guild Members, then the piece will be displayed in the Community Gallery. It is up to the artists working on the piece as to which artist will receive primary credit for the piece (i.e. whose name will be posted as the artist). Credit for all participants should, of course, be given in the description.

The only community project with which SWAG has been officially involved is the SWRPG Online Journal. While we encourage people to contribute to the community by participating in projects, SWAG as an organization will not provide artwork services for them.

If you are looking for some artists to help out on a large project, you may post a message in the Community Discussion forum here on the site. Both SWAG members and the general community will be welcome to help you out, but any artists that do help you will not be doing so as official representatives of SWAG.

If you only need a small amount of art then you are welcome to use the regular Artwork Requests forum Good luck with your project!

SWAG is run by a small group of volunteers who take time and resources out of their own lives to keep the site going. We can make no guarantees as to when someone on staff will post submitted work. If yours is a Community Submission, it can take as much as a few weeks, as it first goes through a review panel before it even goes to the image processors. Our volunteers appreciate your patience.

Unfortunately, no. At this time, only Star Wars Artists' Guild members may take requests. If you are not a guild member but would still like to show off your artwork without becoming a member, you are more than welcome to submit your images for display in the Community Gallery. Please refer to the "How do I submit art to SWAG?" FAQ entry for more details.

One of SWAG's main purposes is to allow people to display their SW and SWRPG-related artwork so that other members of the community can benefit from it. There are two main types of artists posting artwork to SWAG:

1. Community Artists. Anyone is free to submit artwork to the Community gallery. As long as the artist follows the posted submission guidelines, agrees to the terms, and is approved by a 3-person panel, then the artwork will be posted in the Community gallery for everyone to enjoy. All Community artwork are posted together into a single large gallery.

2. Guild Members. Artists can also apply to become a "Guild Member". Guild Members must exhibit a minimum level of artistic ability (as judged by the Guild Council, who review all applications) and agree to maintain that quality as well as to fulfill certain obligations. In return, Guild Members each get their own separate gallery into which their artwork can be posted. They also get a separate "Guild Bio" listing, access to "member-only" forums, and the ability to claim and complete artwork requests made by the community.

The SWAG website makes use of special stylesheets. Any modern browser (essentially any browser that can correctly view the site) will automatically print pages on the site in a "printer friendly" way. This is done transparent to the user.

You can see this feature in effect on this very page. Select 'Print Preview' from your browser menu to see how the print version is different than the screen version.